Which factors drive the increased usage of newly published papers?

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SONG Chao#*
Institute of Science of Science and S&T Management and WISELab, Dalian University of Technology
Institute of Science of Science and S&T Management and WISELab, Dalian University of Technology

# contributed equally to this work, * Corresponding author


The usage metrics of academic papers is always the focus of researchers in the field of Scientometrcs. The traditional research topics paid too much attention to the relationship between Citation counts and Usage counts. Few researchers focus on usage metrics itself. Which factors drive the increased usage of papers? Especially for newly published papers. In this paper, we have selected 15 factors to measure the motivation of using newly 4 weeks published papers from WoS Core Collection database. We attempted to explain, statistically, how various factors affect the number of usage counts by Negative Binomial Regression Model. The main results of this study show that Document type and Funding text are two of most importantly positive factors to Usage counts. The Usage counts of open access papers will reduce significantly in WoS database. And distinct or novel title and abstract will increases the likelihood of Usage counts, but more is not always better. Moreover, there is weak effect of Citation counts on Usage counts in a short time.
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